WWE superstar uses Roman Reigns' backing to highlight his importance to the Bloodline

At Crown Jewel 2022 in Saudi Arabia, Roman Reigns and Paul are scheduled to square off in the ring for the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship.

Roman Reigns hugging Sami Zayn [Image-Twitter]
By Blesson Daniel | Oct 10, 2022 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


Roman Reigns, the WWE Undisputed Universal Champion, has created The Bloodline, one of the most powerful groups in history. The Anoa’i family appears to have become one of the largest wrestling dynasties after teaming up with his cousins The Usos and Solo Sikoa, but Sami Zayn’s inclusion to the group has also shown to be invaluable.

Zayn has solidified his position as a valued member of The Bloodline over the last few months by vowing his devotion to The Tribal Chief and its members. Because of Jey Uso’s ongoing conflicts with the Honorary Uce, not all group members have warmed to his presence, which has caused some fans to question his membership.

Sami Zayn responded to all of the queries from those who appeared to be unsure if his membership in the organization was transitory on social media. The previous Intercontinental Champion utilized some of Roman Reigns’ compliments for him from the previous year to make a case against his value to the Bloodline: Zayn tweeted, “Every single week people say The Bloodline is about to kick me out, I don’t belong, that I’m just kissing up them, etc. But I think some people are finally starting to see that there is actually a mutual respect here. Listen to The Tribal Chief himself from over a year ago.”

While there may be tension among the group due to Jey Uso’s lack of confidence in Zayn, Reigns has delegated responsibility for handling the matter to the latter. It will be interesting to see if Sami can handle the pressure from Jey or if she crumbles under it and fails Roman Reigns.

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Roman Reigns and Logan Paul broke character on WWE Smackdown thanks to Sami Zayn

Undoubtedly one of the more carefree and laid-back members of the Bloodline is the Honorary Uce. After forcing Roman Reigns to violate his character on Smackdown, he has shown to be quite the entertainment. The Bloodline appeared in the first moments of the Smackdown season opener, and Logan Paul was present with the faction. The conflict between the two groups has intensified as Crown Jewel 2022 approaches and the Extreme Rules premium live event is already in the past.

Roman Reigns and Logan Paul could not contain their laughter as Sami Zayn made one of these comments. The Head of the Table went to the other side to avoid being seen on camera breaking character on a live program while Paul laughed aloud at Zayn’s remarks. At Crown Jewel 2022 in Saudi Arabia, Roman Reigns and Paul are scheduled to square off in the ring for the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship. The challenge before The Maverick appears fairly formidable considering that this is only his third match with the business.

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