WWE Raw: Alexa Bliss teases a gimmick change

Alexa Bliss is back on television and on her road to a WWE comeback

Alexa Bliss [Image: Twitter]
By Blesson Daniel | Jan 25, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Monday Night Raw standout Alexa Bliss had sinus surgery and was out of action for four months while recovering.

Bliss last appeared in the ring in September at Extreme Rules, when she was unsuccessful in her attempt to win the Raw Women’s Championship.

Not only did Bliss fail in her bid to become the new red brand champion, but she also watched as Charlotte Flair ripped her sidekick Lilly to shreds.

Her sabbatical was nicely timed with her plot. The conflict with Flair ended, letting The Queen go on to other challenges, while Bliss went missing for a long time, leaving the WWE Universe wondering how and when she’d return.

There’s been a lot of talk about how Lilly’s death would affect Bliss. So far, her on-screen comeback has consisted of a series of therapy sessions in which the actress attempts to cope with the trauma of the Extreme Rules events.

The therapy, on the other hand, does not appear to be progressing as anticipated. Bliss has reverted to memories of Lilly in each episode and looks to be overwhelmed by rage.

This has sparked a discussion about whether a vengeful Bliss would return to cause havoc, or if the supernatural theme will be abandoned entirely.

Fans are split down the middle on where they want the tale to continue. Loyal Bliss fans are hoping that the legend maintains her present character, with some even anticipating that she would take on the role of Lilly. Many fans, though, are hoping for a total overhaul and the return of Bliss’ famed Goddess phase.

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Alexa Bliss on Twitter

Following the last broadcast of Monday Night Raw, the five-time champion sparked some rumors. She retweeted a message after the show that said: “Alexa Bliss is slowly changing, am I right?”

Bliss seldom shares anything that isn’t her own stuff, with the exception of the official WWE account and other wrestlers. So it’s a pretty fascinating signal that she singled out this one tweet and reposted it on her stream.

There’s no hint of how Bliss could be “changing,” which adds to the intrigue around her new plot. She wore a different costume in each of the three treatment sessions, and her hair was different from her typical space bun style in the most recent installment.

Bliss won the Raw Women’s Championship three times and the SmackDown Women’s Championship twice as the Goddess version. She also won the Tag Team Championship with former WWE star Nikki Cross on two occasions.

Fans want to see Bliss harness her inner champion, and many think that returning to her classic gimmick is the best way to do it. But, thus far, this intriguing new narrative hasn’t revealed anything, so fans will just have to wait for her return to the ring.

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