WWE news: Matt Hardy wants a final Hardy Boyz vs Edge and Christian

“I mean I feel like our biggest moment out of the first decade is probably gonna be winning the tag team titles because that was our initial goal."

Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy on AEW [Image- Twitter]
By Blesson Daniel | Aug 8, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


The Hardy Boys vs. Edge and Christian would make for a fitting last fight, according to AEW wrestler Matt Hardy, who was recently a guest on the “MuscleMan Malcolm” podcast at Starrcast V. When Matt Hardy was questioned about whether the Hardys and Edge & Christian may face off in a last match, he responded, “You hear this all the time, but people say if the stars and planets align, you know, my brother comes back, everything’s good, I hear people say all the time, oh my god, we’d love to see Edge come and do one last Hardys vs. Edge and Christian. That would be a pretty magical moment.”

Also, Matt Hardy was asked which is his most remebered and biggest moment of his tag team career he replied saying, “I mean I feel like our biggest moment out of the first decade is probably gonna be winning the tag team titles because that was our initial goal. If we did that, we did everything we ever wanted to do. But fortunately, we did that exponentially. We did it many, many times in many, many different promotions, which is very cool. So that was a big moment there.”

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Matt Hardy had “too much” of Vince McMahon

According to Matt Hardy, bragging in 2009 about setting his brother Jeff’s house on fire and killing his cherished pet dog was “a touch too much.” During an interview with “MuscleManMalcolm” over Starrcast V weekend, the current AEW man recalled his dramatic 2009 heel change. Hardy claims that he warned Vince McMahon directly that it could be hard for people to believe that he was to blame for Jeff’s suffering in real life.

He was instructed by McMahon to still cut that promo. Matt walked out in front of a live audience and claimed he had started the fire that killed Jeff’s pet because he was a devoted WWE soldier who prided himself on always performing at his highest level. He realises in retrospect that the entire endeavour was excessive.

Matt had no problem acknowledging that Jeff had always been the more well-liked sibling. He wanted to utilise this information to fuel his newly resurrected heel role, but he didn’t believe adding a tragic incident to the plot would be beneficial. Vince, who was making the decisions, disagreed. At WrestleMania XXV, Matt and Jeff collaborated in a mediocre match.

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