WWE is pleased with the success of women's wrestling in Saudi Arabia

WWE is very happy with the response they got from the people of Saudi Arabia.

Bianca Belair after winning WWE Elimination Chamber 2022 [Image- Twitter]
By Blesson Daniel | Feb 22, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

WWE personnel are pleased with how women’s wrestling has evolved in the promotion, just over a week after having its propagandized independent contractors actively participate in its insipid Saudi Arabian sports washing campaign by touting posters advertising a wrestling match as evidence of “influencing the world.”

According to PWInsider’s Mike Johnson, some people in the promotion were “amazed” by the progress made after Elimination Chamber 2022, which included three women’s fights.

Things have improved numerically. WWE has progressed from being unable to book women’s matches in Saudi Arabia to have just one per event (with competitors competing in giant t-shirts), to having three on one night.

Wrestlers at Elimination Chamber labored wore bodysuits that complied with local rules while yet resembling their normal clothing.

Women were not permitted to compete in WWE’s first series of Saudi Arabian pay-per-views. The country’s authorities initially opposed the addition of an Alexa Bliss vs. Natalya match at the Super Showdown in June 2019, until relenting in October.

Lacey Evans and Natalya participated in a “groundbreaking” event at Crown Jewel that month, and the women have been on every Saudi program since.

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WWE’s operations in Saudi Arabia are part of the Saudi Vision 2030 campaign, which tries to improve the image of a country with one of the world’s worst human rights records. According to reports, Vince McMahon’s promotion makes $50 million for each performance presented in the Kingdom.

WWE Women’s Elimination Chamber 2022 winner Bianca Belair

Alexa Bliss returned with her little girl gimmick, which is sure to upset the Internet Wrestling Monolith. Bliss remained popular with the live crowd.

There were loud “Doudrop” chants upon her entry.

Nikki A.S.H was eliminated first, by Rhea Ripley, in a surprise to nobody.

Bianca Belair once again performed her patented one-armed Gorilla Press that she debuted in Saudi Arabia.

Rhea Ripley def. Nikki A.S.H.; Liv Morgan def. Doudrop; Alexa Bliss def. Liv Morgan; Bianca Belair def. Alexa Bliss

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