Wardlow keen to work with THIS former WWE wrestler in AEW - find out who

Recently, Wardlow spoke on the Battleground Podcast, where he talked about the wrestlers that inspired him when he was a child to perform in-ring art.

Wardlow in a file photo. (Twitter: @RealWardlow)
By Blesson Daniel | Feb 20, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

AEW star Wardlow was a recent guest on the Battleground Podcast, where he revealed his favorite wrestlers as a child.

The Pinnacle star discussed the several generations of talent he encountered over his life. This includes technical greats like Bret Hart and powerhouses like Brock Lesnar.

“Growing up, it started with Bret Hart and Mr. Perfect. Bret Hart was the first one that made me fall in love with wrestling, then Mr Perfect. Then it was Kevin Nash, and The Rock, and then it was very much Jeff Hardy for a number of years.

“Then it was big Dave Bautista and Brock. When I started growing and hitting the weights, Brock and Batista were starting to blow up, so it timed out right where I looked at those guys and went, ‘yeah, that’s what we are going for now.’”

Wardlow mentioned the speculations of Jeff Hardy joining AEW since he grew up admiring him. Since his dismissal from WWE, talk has swirled that he will join his brother. That is something Wardlow desires, and he wants to collaborate with him in the future.

“Just sharing a locker room with Jeff Hardy would mean the world to me. To be involved in any type of match with him would be amazing. I personally would rather team with Matt and Jeff to take on three others, rather than wrestle Jeff myself.”

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Matt Hardy spoke about Jeff Hardy

Matt Hardy discussed Jeff’s last WWE match on the Q&A episode of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy. He said that his brother is fine, and he was probably just fatigued.

Matt said, “He’s good. When he wants to share this story, he will I’m sure. But I mean, he ended up being exhausted after driving all night, he was on late in the dark SmackDown, the last match. They had a 300 miles plus drive and he got in early in the morning and then he had a family emergency and then he was up early.

“I think he was just exhausted and shot and probably beat up at the same time. And he was also very stressed out from his WWE job as well, you know? I think for him sometimes, he kinda gets in his head. Especially if he’s alone on the road and whatnot. I think it’s better with me there too. I think he feels a little more comfortable because he really can get in his own head.”

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