Vince McMahon set for in-ring comeback at WrestleMania 38 - report

At WrestleMania 38, WWE chairman Vince McMahon is set to participate in a program with SmackDown commentator Pat McAfee.

Vince McMahon all suited up for a photoshoot (Courtesy: IMDb)
By Blesson Daniel | Feb 26, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

WWE chairman Vince McMahon will return to the ring at WrestleMania 38. His opponent? SmackDown commentator Pat McAfee. It might seem a stretch, but that’s what the rumour mill says.

And next Thursday, the WWE Chairman will appear on The Pat McAfee Show. The big news was announced on WWE’s Twitter.

McMahon will be engaged in a huge program at WrestleMania this year, according to John Pollock of Post Wrestling.

According to sources close to Post Wrestling, a formal bout between McMahon and McAfee would “most likely” take place at the major event.

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“POST Wrestling can confirm that Vince McMahon is expected to launch a program with Pat McAfee, which will include WrestleMania 38,” said the report.

“Multiple sources informed us that McAfee was set for something on the show involving McMahon. When speaking with a source with knowledge of the situation and whether it will be billed as an official match on the WrestleMania card, we were told “most likely.”

Vince McMahon hasn’t wrestled in over a decade

McMahon is presently 76 years old, and his last appearance in a WWE ring occurred in October 2012. On the October 8, 2012, episode of RAW, he faced current AEW star CM Punk in a “No Contest.”

On the April 13, 1998 edition of RAW, he contested his debut WWE bout against then-megastar Stone Cold Steve Austin. Surprisingly, the match also ended in a tie.

Many consider McMahon to be the greatest villain in professional wrestling history. During Monday Night War, his fierce rivalry with Austin was essential in WWE’s defeat over WCW. McMahon bought out the latter when it lost the battle in March 2001. A few days later, Austin and McMahon teamed up in the final memorable WrestleMania X7 image.

The possibility of Vince McMahon performing at this year’s WrestleMania has sparked outrage among WWE fans, who are concerned about his health.

He has made it a point to stay active at his age, but entering the squared circle is a whole other ballgame. It will be fascinating to observe how events unfold in the next weeks.

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