Vince McMahon laughed at Vader's arrest in Kuwait, claims ex-WWE writer 

The former WWE writer Vince Russo claimed that Vader was always joked about in the close circle of the company.

Vince in a file photo. (Image: Twitter)
By Samrat Chakraborty | Mar 11, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Ex-WWE writer Vince Russo opened up on a chapter of Vader who will be inducted in WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2022 on April 1. Russo turned back the clock to recall an episode from WWE’s tour of Kuwait in 1997. Vader was interviewed along with The Undertaker as the former held the TV host by his tie when asked if pro wrestling was fake. 

As a result, Vader had to face his consequences, as he was put behind the bars in Kuwait. But WWE chairman Vince McMahon cared little about it and laughed it out, claims Russo. 

“When I was there, he was the b*ttend of everybody’s joke. I’ll never forget – and this is an absolute shoot – do you remember when he was in Kuwait and got physical with that TV reporter? Bro, they threw his b*tt in jail,” Russo said in Sportskeeda’s The Bro Show. 

“I was at Vince’s [McMahon] living room table, working with Vince when he got the call from Vader. Bro, Vader was scared to death. He’s in prison in Kuwait. What do they do? They’re not accepting his phone calls and they’re laughing about it like it’s a big joke,” he added. 

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Vader to become second inductee in WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2022

Vader will be the second inductee after the legendary The Undertaker to be inducted into WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2022. However, multiple media reports, claim that the induction will be such big ceremony that WWE is considering few digital inductions as well.

“One thing I’ve heard also [is] because The Undertaker’s Hall Of Fame thing is gonna be so big – they’re only doing the 90-minute window because they’re doing the show from 10.30 to midnight Eastern, 9.30 til 11 local time because of the lateness and everything like that,” Meltzer reported on Wrestling Observer Radio.

Meltzer added:“I’ve heard they may announce this class but some of the people it’ll happen but it will be like digital inductions in some of the cases opposed to the usual number of 8 I think it is.”

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon announced at The Pat McAfee Show that he will induct The Undertaker into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2022 on Friday, April 1. The decision also makes perfect sense as The Undertaker had developed a close relationship with McMahon over the years.

The WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony will take place Friday, April 1, at American Airlines Center in Dallas as part of WrestleMania Week, WWE confirmed. The event will stream live exclusively on Peacock in the U.S. and WWE Network everywhere else.

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