Vince McMahon allowed only Andre the Giant to consume alcohol in 1980s, reveals WWE superstar 

Bill Anderson believes that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon had the utmost respect for Andre the Giant.

Vince in a file photo. (Image: Twitter)
By Samrat Chakraborty | Feb 23, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Former WWE superstar and ring announcer Bill Anderson revealed the protocols put into place by Vince McMahon which restricted the fighters from consuming alcohol in the locker room during the 1980s. However, Andre the Giant, was made an exception in the list as McMahon allowed him to consume beer and wine. Anderson further said that McMahon had the utmost respect for the French professional, who would come with a bag full of alcohol from his favourite brands, and did whatever he liked. 

“Vince finally made a big decree to the boys, ‘No more alcohol, period, in the dressing room, except Andre the Giant.’ Andre would come in, pull his bag open, there would be a bottle of Cognac, maybe five, six, seven, eight bottles of wine, and Andre was gonna carte blanche it, do whatever he wanted. Vince had that much respect for Andre,” Anderson said on the Cheap Heat Productions Podcast about his backstage experiences in the 1980s. 

Giant was one of the biggest superstars in WWE history and lived up to his name in his stature. He was seven foot four inches tall and weighed 520 pounds. He passed away at 46 due to congestive heart failure.

Anderson also said that during his times some wrestlers would turn reckless due to their alcohol consumption while some were in control. 

“I think that was partially because of Adrian Adonis, who would always come in quite intoxicated, and I was on the receiving end of some of that. I got 27 stitches in my mouth courtesy of Adrian Adonis from a match in San Diego where he was high one night and alcohol’d up.” Anderson said. 

When Vince McMahon took up a feud with Rikishi

The WWE chairman is known for making his ways work in the company and around several global stars. He also took up several feuds to push the WWE wrestler to the next level. 

One such incident took place in 2002 when McMahon took up a feud with Rikishi for a title change at the Judgement Day. WWE veteran Rico Constantino recalled the incident. 

He was one of the wrestlers who was pivotal to the development of 16-time World Champion John Cena during his formative years. However, he never earned as much recognition as Cena did, throughout his career.

“The first part of it, with me and Billy and Chuck. This was the time Rikishi was feuding with Vince [McMahon]. And Vince was doing bad things to Rikishi. He wanted all three of us to bounce on Rikishi and destroy him. It wasn’t supposed to go his way and we triple-teamed him,” Rico told Dr. Chris Featherstone and Kenny Bolin on UnSKripted.

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