Vince McMahon always chose Jeff Hardy over me: Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy recalled how, as a tag team, they had become extremely popular, but did not shy away from taking a swipe at Vince McMahon.

By Nilavro Ghosh | Jan 31, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

AEW wrestler and wrestling legend Matt Hardy recently spoke with the Wrestling Perspective Podcast about his first breakup with Jeff. He recalled how, as a tag team, they had become extremely popular, selling record amounts of merchandise. However, the former ECW Champion also mentioned Vince McMahon’s dismissive attitude toward him.

“We were at the point where the Hardy’s became super popular and we did so well. In the year 2000, we sold the most merchandise of any tag team in the history of WWE,” he revealed. “Which is amazing and it is so cool that we were able to achieve that level of success. But as time went on, and obviously Jeff was like the standout guy.”

“And Vince always chose Jeff over Matt in The Hardy Boyz, when it came to Edge and Christian, he always chose Edge over Christian. That’s something myself and Christian always have in common, we were a little underrated. We never got all the credit we deserved sometimes, in his eye,” the former WWE tag-team champion added.

Hardy admitted that he was looking forward to becoming a singles sensation. That’s because the daredevil persona was not something that suited him. It was all about taking on over-the-top gimmicks for Matt. “The Hardy Boyz persona of the adrenaline junkie or the daredevil, the guy whose the death-defying competitor, wasn’t really my strength,” he said. “Even though I played it and I could do that. My strength has always been, in my opinion, to play an over-the-top, larger-than-life character,” he said.

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‘Tell my own stories’

The wrestler then went on to say that he didn’t think he needed to compare himself to Jeff. That’s because Matt is well aware that his brother is a well-known figure in professional wrestling. Rather, he focused on telling his own stories.

“I think with me, realization of understanding that Jeff is one of the most beloved figures in all of wrestling, ever, in history. It’s insane how beloved he is,” Matt said. “So working on a scale with him, you have to be realistic and be like, hold up, you can still be magnificent and super popular, and people dig you, but you can’t compare yourself to him.”

“Everyone is different, once again your much better off when you don’t feel like you’re racing against somebody, but you’re racing against yourself to do better, and improve upon yourself. I just wanted a chance to do my own, to tell my own stories.”

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