ROH rumors: Backstage talk is running for ROH sale

ROH has been on break since the December pay-per-view Final Battle, and Supercard of Honor will be their first event back.

Ring of Honor (ROH) [Image- Twitter]
By Blesson Daniel | Mar 2, 2022 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

There are still whispers about ROH getting sold. Ring of Honor has been on sabbatical since the December pay-per-view Final Battle, and Supercard of Honor will be their first event back on Friday, April 1. In the run-up to Final Battle, the firm stated that they would be taking a break during the first quarter of this year to “work internally to rethink” the brand and return with a “new fan-focused product and give a unique experience.” Click here for the most up-to-date Supercard of Honor lineup, as well as information on the upcoming round of ROH TV tapings in April and other company news.

According to an update from Fightful Select, there have been approaches from numerous wrestling organizations discussing a potential sale of Ring of Honor or prospective cooperation between ROH and another company.

Aside from those recent speculations, there has been speculation before to the hiatus and during the last two years that queries were made to see what it would take to buy The Ring of Honor. A report in the pro wrestling business indicated that the price point will be “substantial” in 2020. In terms of a possible sale, ROH sources said that there were “far more bids than anticipated” and that various wrestling businesses, as well as a few media firms, were engaged in negotiations at some time.

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ROH pricing point for sale

ROH has not verified these figures, but there has been mention of three pricing ranges that have been speculated over the previous two years. A higher-up source in another firm heard directly from a person claiming to be in discussions to acquire ROH in early 2020 that $40 million was a speculated price point, with a person close to the company reporting they heard the price was half that. According to a source inside ROH, an independently rich fan who is not in the wrestling industry recently attempted to acquire the organization, and they were offered $30 million for 50 percent ownership.

Furthermore, a prospective sale of ROH is thought to be still on the table, according to word that has spread among various wrestlers who have been in ROH or are related to the organization.

Some of the talents working on freelance basis

ROH already scheduled SW3RVE The Realest vs. Alex Zayne at Supercard of Honor, as well as Ninja Mack and Joe Hendry fighting in singles contests against yet-to-be-named opponents. According to reports, ROH started reaching out to fresh faces in January to book Supercard of Honor and the April TV tapings in Philadelphia. Many of the ROH performers are expected to work on a freelance basis in the future. Several wrestlers from different organizations have been scheduled for ROH’s Supercard of Honor, and they had to acquire consent before being booked by ROH.

ROH just revealed that following Supercard of Honor, they will continue traveling and TV tapings. While the only date publicized as of this writing is the April 10 TV filming in Philadelphia, the firm apparently has preliminary dates for live events and TV tapings arranged far beyond April, all the way up to the end of the year.

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