Ric Flair has THIS bit of advice for Cody Rhodes ahead of WWE return

Cody Rhodes was one of the founding members and an executive vice president (EVP) of All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

WWE Star Ric Flair (Courtesy: WWE.Com)
By Shayne Dias | Feb 24, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


Ric Flair believes Cody Rhodes will be welcomed back ‘with open arms’ by WWE after he recently announced his AEW departure.

Rhodes was one of the founding members and an executive vice president (EVP) in the company. Therefore, him leaving Tony Khan’s promotion was something of a shock.

There is also some natural skepticism over him going back to WWE. After all, the company has never exactly been shy of making returning wrestlers look bad in the past.

However, that isn’t meant to be the case with Rhodes. Speculation is Vince McMahon has big plans for him and his eventual WWE return.

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And Flair, who shares a close bond with the son of Dusty Rhodes, believes the move will work out well for him.

“I’m sure they’ll welcome him with open arms. There’s no way it couldn’t be a good move for him,” he said on his Wooooo Nation Uncensored podcast.

“He made himself on his own, then he went to work with AEW, made himself even bigger, and then why not bring back Cody Rhodes, son of Dusty Rhodes. It’s huge.”

‘Remember who you are,’ Ric Flair tells Rhodes

Flair is no stranger to making his name elsewhere and then joining WWE. He had memorable runs under McMahon’s watch, but Flair’s legacy will always be tied to the NWA and WCW.

Flair made his name as a multi-time world champion for the NWA before jumping ship in the early 1990s. And he even returned to WCW, at the time the NWA’s most recognised promotion, afterwards.

So of course he would have advice for Rhodes on how to handle this. And his advice, as it turns out, was pretty simple and effective.

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“I don’t have a guess (why he left), I just wish him the best of luck and to always hold his head high and remember who he is.

“I just think when he left, I’m not sure if you call it good or bad terms, but when he left there were some issues over the trademark issues which there always will be.

“He left and made it on his own and then he and Tony hooked up. I don’t know, without giving you false information, I don’t know why he left.

“I can find out, I heard back from him, we texted each other and I just said ‘Be who you are, don’t take any sh*t from anybody,’ that’s what I told him.”

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