Results: WWE 205 Live on January 21, 2022

Full 205 Live results for January 21, 2022, including an intriguing main event between Bodhi Hayward and James Drake, Fallon Henley vs. Lash Legend, and Javier Bernal vs. Draco Anthony.

WWE 205 Live [Image: Twitter@WWE205Live]
By Blesson Daniel | Jan 22, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Fallon Henley is defeated by Lash Legend via submission on 205 Live

Despite spending a lot of time on NXT 2.0 and 205 Live berating her fellow superstars, Lash Legend is swiftly demonstrating that she can back up her words when the bell strikes.

Much to the joy of the WWE Universe, Legend, who made her entrance by draping her coat across the camera, was put to the test by Fallon Henley. Henley overcame her height disadvantage to knock Legend out with a pair of elbows and a kick to the face.

Legend fought back by grabbing Henley and exerting immense pressure on her back with a painful submission grip that produced a tap out.

Javier Bernal is defeated by Draco Anthony

When Draco Anthony fought Malik Blade two weeks ago, he came within an inch of winning his first career fight. The athletic contender was determined not to let history repeat itself against the debuting Javier Bernal.

Bernal didn’t appear like a superstar in his first match. He smirked and sauntered his way to the squared circle. And he won with a flurry of stiff uppercuts, a dropkick and a crossbody.

Despite this, Anthony evaded his hard-charging opponent and had some fantastic hangtime while smashing his leg into Bernal’s neck for the 1-2-3.

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Bodhi Hayward loses against James Drake

Prior to his match against James Drake, the enthusiastic Bodhi Hayward sought a crucial win as he and his teacher Andre Chase prepared for next week’s First-Round Dusty Classic Match against The Grizzled Young Veterans, giggling from ear to ear and bounding around the ring like a kid on Christmas morning.

Chase promised a show-stopping performance from his best pupil before the bell, and Hayward delivered when he rocked Drake with a back suplex, landed a pair of three-point stance tackles, then clotheslined him out of the ring.

Drake, on the other hand, utilized his experience to set himself up for a timely assist from Zack Gibson at ringside, who seized Hayward’s foot. Drake took advantage of the attention by launching his opponent into the turnbuckles with a brutal dropkick, giving his team a significant win heading into the Dusty Cup.

Grade: B

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