Paige is interested in returning to WWE as a general manager

Paige wants to return to WWE as a General Manager and to grab WWE CEO Vince McMahon's attention, she elected to use social media.

Paige [Image: Twitter@RealPaigeWWE]
By Blesson Daniel | Jan 23, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Paige was the General Manager of SmackDown Live from 2018 until WWE decided to eliminate the position and instead have the McMahon family control things behind the scenes. After a few years, the corporation can’t stop itself from casting Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville as on-screen authority figures.

General Managers’ roles on WWE television appear to shift from year to year, and for a while, they weren’t even seen on Raw or SmackDown. Then, over time, Adam Pearce took over as manager, and subsequently, Sonya Deville moved in as a co-manager beside Pearce. As Deville’s conflict with Naomi develops, there have been more and more clues that she would return to the ring, and Paige just sent WWE a message on social media revealing that she is more than willing to return to the GM job.

“Yo @WWE @VinceMcMahon since you brought GMs back a while ago..” Paige posted on Twitter, with a GIF of Rowan Atkinson gesturing appended. So, if WWE is seeking someone to fill the SmackDown GM position, Paige appears to be more than ready to return.

Paige thrived as SmackDown General Manager, putting individuals in their place when necessary and limiting interference, opposite Shane McMahon at the time.

They never really explained why they altered things up, but since the GMs are back in the fold and there could be a vacancy, fans would welcome Paige’s return, since many have been clamoring for a return to WWE television for the previous several years.

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Paige and WWE

If Paige were to reclaim her role on SmackDown, she’d be up against the likes of Sasha Banks, Roman Reigns, Paul Heyman, and Charlotte Flair, and you know all of those matchups would be incredible the week after week.

We’ll have to watch how Paige’s situation plays out. Pearce booked Deville in a match against Naomi on next week’s SmackDown, and the two are expected to have a major fight in the following weeks and months to put an end to their rivalry.

Every Royal Rumble season, a return is a popular issue. Paige is always up for a good rumor game. If she is ever able to fight for WWE or anywhere else, only time will tell.

With Royal Rumble coming many returns can be speculated. Let’s see whether Paige returns to WWE or not. As speculations are just speculations. Also, if WWE has any plans for Paige then she will surely return, as she has shown her interest to get back and work for the company as a GM.

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