Former WWE veteran questions Vince McMahon's approach towards Cesaro 

The veteran is not convinced about the WWE Chairman's approach towards Cesaro.

Vince in a file photo. (Image: Twitter)
By Samrat Chakraborty | Feb 13, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Former WWE veteran Dutch Mantell came out all guns blazing to criticize the booking of SmackDown star Cesaro. The SmackDown wrestler was recently beaten by his counterpart Happy Corbin. The Swiss Superman made a name for himself by winning the United States Championship and adding several other laurels to his tally over the years. But he still remains bereft of a World Championships which can only boost his resume further. Mantell, however, believes that WWE has killed Cesaro multiple times and highlighted that he has great physical ability but creativity has not helped him at large.  

“I mean, that guy, they killed him more times. He didn’t have another life, they killed him 9 times already and he’s just there. Great guy too, what an athlete and they use him to put guys over,” Dutch Mantell said on the latest edition of Sportskeeda Wrestling’s SmackTalk.

Mantell further questioned Vince McMahon’s approach towards him as he was never quite impressed with the Swiss superstar. 

“But if Vince [McMahon] doesn’t see something in somebody, why do you keep them around for 10 years?” he added. 

Vince McMahon’s approach towards global stars

McMahon is known for making his ways work in the company and around several global stars. He also took up several feuds to push the WWE wrestler to the next level. One such incident took place in 2002 when McMahon took up a feud with Rikishi for a title change at the Judgement Day. WWE veteran Rico Constantino recalled the incident. He was one of the wrestlers who was pivotal to the development of 16-time World Champion John Cena during his formative years. However, he never earned as much recognition as Cena did, throughout his career.

He also enjoyed a brief period as tag team champion with Rikishi. But in a recent interview the WWE veteran recalled how the accidental tag team title change took place in 2002.

“The first part of it, with me and Billy and Chuck. This was the time Rikishi was feuding with Vince [McMahon]. And Vince was doing bad things to Rikishi. He wanted all three of us to bounce on Rikishi and destroy him. It wasn’t supposed to go his way and we triple-teamed him,”  Rico told Dr. Chris Featherstone and Kenny Bolin on UnSKripted. 

“And of course, the finish ended up with me kicking Chuck with a sidekick and Rikishi dropped me and then I fell on Chuck, and we became the tag team champions. I took the belts away from my own guys,” he further recalled.

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