Buddy Matthews is now an All Elite and member of the House of Black

Many assumed that Buddy Matthews (AKA WWE's Buddy Murphy) was the newest mystery guy Malakai Black was hyping for his gang.

Buddy Matthews [Image- Twitter]
By Blesson Daniel | Feb 25, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Many assumed that Buddy Matthews (AKA WWE’s Buddy Murphy) was the newest mystery guy Malakai Black was hyping for his gang even before rumors emerged that he would appear in AEW as part of the House of Black. Black and Brody King’s rematch with PAC and Penta El Zero M took place on Dynamite on February 23, and Matthews was there to see it happen.

Before that, Penta Oscura made an appearance. With his dark mist, Black summoned the Dark version of the former AEW and reigning AAA Tag Team champions. Alex Abrahantes, Lucha Bros’ manager, was also affected.

Malakai went to utilize his mist again after a furious skirmish, but Penta stopped him. He won by rolling up Black.

House of Black was not going out that way. Malakai assaulted Abrahantes and recovered the shovel Penta had brought to ringside while King ran roughshod over Death Triangle. When the lights went out, he proceeded to decapitate the luchador with it. That’s when Matthews showed up.

AEW hinted at him being there to fight the House of Black, but that tease was short-lived.

Buddy assaulted PAC and was instructed by Black to inflict even more harm to Penta.

Finally, Matthews is all-elite.

After Buddy Matthews, AEW reportedly signing Shane Strickland to a deal

According to Fightful Select, two renowned names may be All Elite very soon. According to the website, one is certainly joining AEW, while the other’s status is unknown; he is now in Bridgeport, Connecticut, which is the location of tonight’s Dynamite.

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Ring of Honor World champion Johnathan Gresham will be in attendance at Webster Bank Arena. Fightful’s AEW sources aren’t sure whether he’ll make an appearance or if he’ll simply be passing by. If it’s the former, Gresham has been defending his ROH title all around the world during the company’s break. It’s possible that defense might take place in an AEW ring, particularly because Ring of Honor just inducted two wrestlers hired by Tony Khan into their Hall of Fame.

Fightful’s sources have more specific information on another talent, revealing that Shane “Swerve” Strickland is finalizing a deal with AEW to begin next month. According to reports, the arrangement has been anticipated since January and will go into effect the first week of March, just in time for the March 6 Revolution PPV in Orlando.

The article on Swerve also mentions that the organization was instantly interested in the former NXT North American champion when WWE released him last November because they consider him as a “potential crossover star.” Swerve’s House isn’t a lock to replace Rhodes to the Top on TNT’s schedule, as many wrestlers are believed to have been talking for WarnerMedia assets over the previous year. But that has to be a favorable indicator for Strickland’s All Elite prospects.

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