Booker T claims that the top WWE heel turned babyface at the Royal Rumble

Booker T addressed Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins's efforts at the Royal Rumble on the newest episode of his Hall Of Fame podcast.

Booker T [Image- Twitter@BookerT5x]
By Blesson Daniel | Feb 3, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Booker T discussed Roman Reigns’ performance at the Royal Rumble in the latest episode of his Hall Of Fame podcast. The wrestling great praised the Tribal Chief for the way he makes the audience feel. Seth Rollins, he feels, became a tremendous babyface during the Rumble thanks in large part to how well Roman played the bad guy.

“Did you see the crowd? If it would have been back in the day it would have been stuff getting thrown in the ring, it was like that. That’s what I am talking about as far as making the fans feel a certain way,” Booker said.

“Because Roman, his intensity, his intent, it makes it as real as it possibly can to the fan that is watching it. They actually get caught up in the moment. Seth Rollins became the biggest babyface in the arena after that right there. The person that can carry that is Seth Rollins as well.”

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Booker T on Seth Rollins

Booker T subsequently went into depth on Seth Rollins. He thinks the former Shield superstar has matured as a performer. He believes, though, that he is still the figure WWE relies upon when a five-star match is required.

“I’ve been talking about Seth Rollins as of late as far as how he’s evolved to be a really, really good entertainer. He goes out and performs and does only what he needs to do,” he said. “Because this is what it calls for at that time, ‘I don’t need to do more than that.’

“But I tell you, Seth Rollins is the guy who’s waiting to get the phone call to say, ‘hey man, I need you to go out there and give me a five-star match tonight, we will think about the entertainment next week.’

“That’s the guy that can give it to you. Seth Rollins is the guy that can go out there are bring this thing to another level. And what he did with Big E, you know, that was some damn good wrestling. Of course, Big E came out on the winning side of that. But it showed how many gears Seth Rollins has. Working in there with a guy like Roman, art, beautiful art. The fans got their money’s worth out of that match as far as I’m concerned.”

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