Fantasy Premier League: What is the Free Hit chip?

The "Free Hit" chip is arguably the most unique of several chips available to FPL managers, providing some short-term respite to a massive extent.

The Premier League logo in a file photo. (Image credit: Twitter/Fantasy Premier League)
By Arnab Mukherji | Mar 18, 2021 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Fantasy Premier League (FPL) comprises several chips available to managers during the course of the season. They are the “Free Hit” chip, the Bench Boost, Triple Captain and the Wildcard. However, the “Free Hit” chip is arguably the most unique of them all providing some short-term respite to a massive extent. The chip if used effectively can enable one to gain a sizeable advantage over the other managers, due to the massive potential it holds. It can be utilised only once per season with unlimited transfers permitted in a single Gameweek.

The whole squad can be shuffled around for the Gameweek. However, the 15-man squad returns to the original state before the start of the Gameweek for the upcoming deadline.

Considering the importance of the chip, here’s a close look at the factors which determine the “Free Hit” chip:

1) Loss of Transfers

In case the “Free Hit” chip has been used leading up to a particular Gameweek say Gameweek 18, the points accumulated by the fresh squad will reflect in the “Points” section once the deadline has passed. However, the “My Team” and “Transfers” tabs will reflect the Gameweek 17 squad. Transfers confirmed during the utilisation of the “Free Hit” chip cannot be cancelled just like the case for the Wildcard. Free Transfers which have been carried over from previous Gameweeks are also lost, with the manager back to the usual one free transfer for the upcoming Gameweek. The utilisation of a free transfer followed by the application of the Free Hit chip results in the loss of the signing initially made. However, Free Hit can be a boon in case managers regret making certain transfers.

2) No Gains From Price changes

Any changes in prices of players in the new Free Hit squad, will not provide any benefit to managers. However, price changes will certainly have an impact on the players in the previous line-up following the expiry of the chip. This indicates that a manager will lose value on a player, in case of a price drop while the Free Chip was active.

3) Useful Tool In Case Of Postponements

FPL managers very well understand the detrimental impact of postponed fixtures or injuries/ suspensions. Free Hit can be a vital strategy in case of such a scenario providing a temporary fix. A manager can utilise the Free Hit chip to select players who are set to feature and enjoy easier fixtures, in case of their original players missing out due to a short-term injury.

4) Vital Role Played In Negotiating Double Gameweeks

Managers can use the Free Hit chip effectively during Double Gameweeks, to select players who are most likely to play both the fixtures scheduled.

5) Utility In Case Of Differentials

A Free Hit chip enables managers to solely focus on short-term gains, providing an option to select players who are capable of earning a sizeable number of points during a certain Gameweek. Such picks if made effectively can provide a massive advantage over mini-league rivals.

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