Fantasy Premier League: How to check bonus points during matches?

FPL managers can check the ranking of their players according to the Bonus Points System (BPS) during the course of a game, on their desktop or on the official app.

The Premier League logo in a file photo. (Image credit: Twitter/Fantasy Premier League)
By Arnab Mukherji | Mar 18, 2021 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

One of the most important aspects during a Gameweek in the mind of an FPL manager is the allocation of bonus points to players following the conclusion of a match. Those points can well prove to be priceless while determining the result in the case of a mini-league or a head-to-head. They are usually confirmed nearly an hour after the final clash of the day has concluded. However, managers can check the ranking of their players according to the Bonus Points System (BPS) during the course of a game, on their desktops or apps.

To check the bonus points on the desktop, a manager should select the “fixtures” tab in the Fantasy section before selecting the match in which his/her player is featuring. The procedure for accessing this information on the official app is similar. A manager needs to go to the “Fixtures and Results” option of the Fantasy section, before selecting the game.

A running tally can be seen at the bottom of the match information section, which shows how the players are performing according to BPS. The top-ranked player according to BPS gets three additional points. The second and third-placed players will get two and one points respectively.

Ties with regard to bonus points are resolved through the following means. In case of a tie for the first position, players 1 and 2 will get 3 points each with the third player receiving one point. In case of a tie for the second spot, player 1 will get three points with players 2 and 3 given two points apiece. A tie for third place will see player 1 and 2 receiving 3 and 2 points respectively. Players ranked 3 and 4 will be gifted a point each.

The question now arises over the parameter according to which BPS points are awarded to players. The first parameter is playing 1 to 60 minutes which results in 3 points. Playing more than 60 minutes results in six points being awarded. Goalkeepers and defenders scoring a goal are granted 12 points. The same increases from 12 to 18 points in the case of a midfielder scoring a goal.

The highest points are reserved for a forward scoring a goal: 24. Assists result in nine points with goalkeepers and defenders ensuring clean sheets granted 12 points.

A keeper gets 15 points for saving a penalty and 2 per save. One point is awarded in case of a successful open-play cross, for every two clearances, blocks and interceptions, for every 3 recoveries, a key pass and a successful dribble. Three points are given to a player in case of a big chance being created, goal being scored that wins the match. Four points are gifted in case of an 80 to 89% pass completion, with at least 30 passes attempted.

At the same time, nine points are deducted in case of a red card, six points reduced in case of a penalty being missed and an own goal. Three points are cut from a player’s points tally in case of a penalty being conceded, a yellow card, a big chance being missed or an error made leading to a goal.

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